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Having hot water when you need it is essential when you own a business. Along with determining what type of water heater your business requires, you’ll also want to consider sizing. Here’s why choosing the correct water sizing matters if you own a restaurant, hotel, apartment building, salon, or fitness center.


The last thing you need as a restaurant owner is for your tap to go cold at peak dinner hours or the dishwasher to stop blasting hot water over lunch rush. As a restaurant, you need hot water (now), or you risk violating health code regulations and inadequate service. To determine the correct commercial water heater sizing you’ll need will depend on several factors such as:

  • Hours of Operation
  • Average Cover Counts
  • Dishwashing Machines

Example: If you’re only open for dinner hours, smaller storage capacities with a higher BTU may be adequate for your needs. However, if you’re open for 2-3 meals a day a larger tank is more appropriate.


A hotels average peak hour for guests o shower is 6:30 pm. That means at least half of your guest are showering at the same time and hot water is at peak demand. No guest wants a cold shower. That’s why hotels almost always end up with multiple water heaters, plus extra storage tanks.

Apartment Buildings

Apartment buildings have unique hot water needs based on size and amenities. Correct commercial water heater sizing is essential to keep your tenants happy. The water heaters you select must keep up with spurts of usage. Larger apartment complexes need larger storage capacities with average to high BTU inputs and often require more than one water heater.


Water heater sizing really depends on the number of fixtures and footprints for salons. Because salons need some hot water throughout the entire day, you’ll most likely need water heaters with smaller storage capacities and higher BTUs. However, if you also offer additional services such as pedicure baths, you’ll need larger storage capacities.

Fitness Centers

Water heater sizing for fitness centers vary significantly according to what services you offer such as:

  • Showers
  • Pools
  • Steam Rooms
  • Hot Tubs

All of these services impact your hot water requirements.

Correct Water Heater Sizing

Choosing an accurate commercial water heater sizing is critical to your success. Once you’ve determined what your business or facility needs, check out our comprehensive online catalog of commercial water heaters and plumbing supplies.

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What’s Next? Stayed tuned for the next post on how to accurately size a water heater for your business.