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The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that approximately sixty percent of all water used in commercial facilities is used in toilets, sinks, and urinals. If you’re a building owner or manager, the best place to start using water more efficiently is in the restroom by installing water free urinals in the men’s room.

Water Free Urinals

Traditional urinals use between one to three gallons of water per flush. Now, multiply those flushes dozens, or even hundreds of times a day. Can you see how much water is going down the drain? Whether you’re a small business or large restaurant, waterless urinals can be an excellent solution for shaving budget costs.

Skeptical about how they work, be sanitary, or prevent unpleasant odors? Keep reading.

How do Water Free Urinals Work?

Water Free urinals may look very similar to traditional ones, but they work much differently. One major difference you’ll notice is the lack of a supply pipe since it doesn’t need water to flush the contents.

Here’s how it works:

Urine enters the drain and goes into a trap, which is a one-way valve. The trap has a special chemical liquid (or sometimes gels) that’s less dense than the urine. The chemical floats to the top of the trap and pushes the urine down into the sewer pipe, creating a seal to keep odors coming back up the drain.

If you notice it’s not “flushing” properly or start to smell a bad odor, then it’s time to perform some simple maintenance, including installing a new water-free urinal cartridge.

7 Benefits of Water Free Urinals

  1. Reduces overall expenditures by reducing water usage.
  2. Improves hygiene. Waterless urinals are easier to clean.
  3. Helps meet environmental goals by reducing water usage and carbon footprint.
  4. Require less maintenance since there are no flushing mechanisms, cisterns, or water supply pipes.
  5. No chance of a flood from frozen pipes.
  6. Reduces the incidence of waste pipe blockage.
  7. Easy to install and maintain.

Taking the time to increase your water-use efficiency can have a dramatic impact on reducing water consumption and cutting business costs, even if it’s one urinal at-a-time. Maybe it’s time your business went waterless in the men’s room.

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