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Does your water heater always leak? Are you repeatedly replacing water heaters but can’t seem to figure out why? You may need to install a thermal expansion tank.

What is a Thermal Expansion Tank?

A thermal expansion tank is a safety device that can help minimize the risk of pressure damage to the pumping system. It doesn’t increase the amount of hot water your water heater can hold. But it forms a kind of pressure buffer to control the water pressure in your pipe system. Regulating the pressure can extend the life of your water heater and your plumbing system as well.

Hot Water Pressure Problems

Most liquids expand as they heat up. As the water temperature inside your water heater tank increases, the volume increases too, pushing it harder against the sides of the tank.

The metal used in the water heater tank and pipes are fairly rigid by design. If the increasing pressure doesn’t get some release, it will continue to push against the pipes and side of the tank. In most cases, the pressure will distort the water tank and break the rubber seals over time resulting in leaks and poor performance. In extreme cases, the building pressure can cause the pipes to burst.

A Thermal Expansion Tank Can Help

A Thermal Expansion Tank is a type of canister that hooks on the cold-water pipe that feeds into the water heater. It contains a rubber diaphragm inside and a pressurized pocket of air inside the metal shell.

When the water pressure builds up, water overflows back toward the expansion tank. The flexible diaphragm allows some water to enter the volume tank area which relieves stress off of the rigid pipes. When the pipe system cools, the air pressure pushes the water back. In short, the expansion tank serves as a shock absorber.

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