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Tankless water heater options have proven to be a viable replacement for residential and light commercial applications. But, how well do they work when it comes to needing a continuous, high-volume supply of hot water? If you’re considering a switch, here’s what you need to know about tankless water heaters for restaurants.

How Well Do They Work?

As their name suggests, Tankless water heaters produce hot water on demand rather than storing it until it’s needed. Powered by gas-fired or electric heating elements, they quickly warm water to the required temperature.

In general, they can work as well as the standard storage-based water heater or other heavy use commercial units. Tankless water heaters provide the benefits of increased efficiency, energy savings, and cost reductions.

Importance of Sizing, Flow Rate, and Temperature Rise

Meeting hot water demands in your restaurant may require you to install more than one tankless water heater. However, size, flow rate, and temperature rise will determine the number of water heaters you’ll need to install.

What is Sizing?

Sizing refers to the capacity each unit must have to produce the amount of water required by your restaurant’s operations. Proper sizing ensures that there will be enough hot water to meet your needs at the highest demand. Be sure to discuss the required flow rate and temperature rise with your plumber when choosing the tankless water heater for your business.

What is Flow Rate?

Flow rate is the amount of hot water you need to produce every minute to satisfy the highest level of demand for hot water. In restaurants and commercial settings, the flow rate is usually quite high.

How to Determine Your Flow Rate

  1. Inventory which hot-water devices are most likely to be used at the same time and how much hot water they will require. Include sinks for washing dishes, hot water for food preparation, and restroom facilities for the customers.
  2. Then, add up the total amount of hot water to required for all of these functions.
  3. The total gallons of hot water is the flow rate and what your tankless system will need to produce during high demand times.

What is Temperature Rise?

Temperature rise is the difference in temperature between the watering entering your building and when it’s hot enough to be used. For example, if the water comes in at 50 degrees and you need the temperature to be 130 degrees, the temperature rise is 80 degrees. The system you choose must be able to heat the water to this level consistently and with little variation.

Tankless Water Heater for Restaurants

Tankless water heaters provide many benefits for all types of commercial use. They can help your bottom line and increase efficiency, energy savings, and reduce costs.

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