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Article Originally Posted on WaterHeaterStore.co on June 18, 2012

When the school buses aren't running because school is out, it's a great time to inspect and possibly replace water heaters. (Photo courtesy of Flickr user SweeTee10_56)

Finding time to replace equipment at the school house can be a hassle during the school year, but now that the halls are empty and the classrooms are quiet, summer vacation is in full swing. There is no better time to do maintenance and replacements on the school’s water heater than during summer vacation.

During the school year there is rarely a time that water is not being used in some area of the building. Whether it is in the cafeteria or the art room there is a need to ensure that the source is heated and provided when needed. Therefore, an efficient commercial water heater is necessary for meeting those requests.

Benefits of upgrading the school’s water heaters

As schools perform regular maintenance on their water heaters each summer, they may find it’s time to replace the water heaters. Replacing water heaters before they completely fail and cause a flood during the school year can save schools money and trouble. Replacing old commercial water heaters can help schools cut down on bacteria buildup and can reduce operations costs.

Reduces Bacteria

Over time water heaters can build up bacteria that can affect the quality of the water. By replacing old water heaters it will ensure that all the water is clean and free of bad smells.

Saves money

By replacing existing water heaters with newer, more cost-efficient equipment, schools can save a significant amount of money over time by not having to generate as much energy to heat the water. This will allow money spent on bills to be used towards the education of students as well as decrease the impact made on the environment by using less energy.

Many water heater options for schools

Since a school uses a high volume of water each day, a large quantity propane tank may do the job. This water heater not only stores a large amount of water but it is specifically designed to handle high demands for hot water and allows for multiple water connections.

For larger schools or schools that have a wider range of water heating needs, having many smaller water heaters throughout the school could be another solution.

Where schools use water heaters

There are several locations where a smaller water heater could provide localized hot water for a school including:

  • Booster water heaters for the cafeteria
  • Tankless water heaters for the locker rooms
  • Electric, propane or natural gas water heaters for the bathroom
  • Propane, electric or natural gas water heaters for the art room

Need help?

As always, the staff at Wallingford Sales Company is here to help you with the information and products you need for electric,natural gas, propane, tankless, expansion and booster water heaters.