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Finding the right eyewash station or emergency shower for your place of business will make a major difference in how quickly employees can receive treatment in the event an accident occurs with hazardous materials.

The American National Standards Institute says that emergency eyewashes and drench showers will be no more than 10 seconds or 55 feet to reach and must “be located on the same level as the hazard.” That standard still leaves lots of options for what best fits your company.

When choosing what kind of safety equipment to install, there are several questions that must be answered:

How will the eyewash stations be used?

What kind of hazardous materials will be handled and where will they primarily be used? Do I have employees with mobility issues that might need a special kind of eyewash station made available?

Wallingford Sales Co. offers many options for eyewash stations and emergency showers (sometimes known as drench showers). Our staff is ready and willing to guide you through the process of choosing the equipment to serve your needs.

Major differences between eyewash stations might include what the stations are made out of and how they are mounted. Take one of our more popular eyewash stations, the Bradley S19-220 series. This type of eyewash bowl saves space and fits easily into just about any work environment.
The Bradley S19-220 series comes in several models with the top three being S19-220, S19-220B and S19-220 BSS. All three are wall-mounted with brackets and come with 10-inch bowls. The differences come in the materials from which they are made. What hazardous materials are potentially going to be washed out in the station will determine which model is most appropriate for your business.

The original model (S19-220) is an entirely yellow plastic bowl. The S19-220B has a stainless steel bowl but other parts made of plastic and other materials. The S19-BSS is entirely made of stainless steel. There’s also a S19-BBF, which is designed for people who need a barrier-free eyewash station (such as a full-time wheelchair user).

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