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The Eemax electric “Mini-Tank” water heaters are Point-Of-Use residential or commercial electric water heaters. If you are tired of waiting for hot water to circulate to the faucet these are the products for you. Eemax “Mini-Tank” water heaters come in 4 different tank volumes 1.3 gallons, 2.5 gallons, 4.0 gallons, 6.0 gallons. It is possible to fit these heaters perfectly under your counter or cabinet out of sight. These easy to install tank type water heaters require no recirculating pumps or expensive plumbing. You can feed these with either cold or pre-heated water. The use of a glass-lined tank help to extend the life of these water heaters. They also come with a temperature/pressure relief valve. All units have an adjustable temperature range from 50 degrees F to 140 degrees F. and are powered by 120-volts AC.

Common specifications shared by all 4 Eemax Electric Mini-Tank water heater units include:

  • Point-of-use, ideal for under the sink providing instantaneous hot water
  • Easy installation with 120 Volt outlet plug
  • Wall and floor mountable
  • Glass-lined tank for long life
  • Limited warranty: 2-year parts, 5-year leaks
  • Hot and cold water feed
  • No need for costly re-circulating lines and pumps
  • Small and compact
  • Quick recovery time
  • Adjustable temperature range (50°F to 140°F)

The specifications for Model EMT1
The specifications for Model EMT2.5
The specifications for Model EMT4
The specifications for Model EMT6

I wish you much success!

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