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Photo courtesy of Flickr user maveric2003

Approximately 47,000 college football fans walk through the average college stadium each game. During half time some people stand in line at the hot dog stand while others stand in line for the bathroom. Can you imagine how much water is needed for a stadium bathroom? It’s a ton! With that many people the demand for hot water is very high and only the best commercial water heaters will win.

Stadium Bathrooms

As the line for the bathroom lengthens by the minute, the water heater is working hard to provide hot water for hand washing. Stadiums have many bathrooms spread out around the stadium so that fans can access them easily. With this convenience also requires a reliable water heater to supply hot water to different areas at one time.  Consider choosing AO Smith or Rheem water heaters to be on your team. They have a variety of different units that will play well such as, electric,tankless and natural gas water heaters.

Stadium Concessions

During a football game, stadium concession stand lines are never ending. These food stands serve many hungry fans before, during and after half-time. With the number of people visiting it is important to keep the work area clean and sanitary. This calls for a durable hot water heater to provide sanitation stations.  The hot water would be used for washing hands, utensils and countertops.  An electric or natural gas water heater may be a good choice for this type of need. A small booster water heater would come in helpful for sanitizing utensils and other cookware.