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washington co fair hot water at the fairgroundsEating corn dogs and riding the Ferris wheel is what most people imagine when they think of the fair grounds, but did you know that the fair needs a good source of hot water too? There are many different ways fairs use hot water such as concession stand sanitation and preparation, animal stall cleaning and administrative buildings.

Water for concession stands

At the Canfield Fair in Ohio, they host an average of 1,000 concession stands during their county fair. That’s a lot! Each of these food stands needs a way to access hot water. This water is used for preparing different food items and most importantly keeping their area clean and sanitary.  While there are thousands of people that attend fairs each year it is crucial that they are receiving clean food by maintaining the kitchen area around them. Other fairs, like the Kansas State Fair, have food available on the midway but also in a centralized food court.

Animal stall cleaning

Housing animals at the fairgrounds is a hard job. There are many different duties that have to be done throughout their stay to ensure they are safe within the temporary habitat. For example, each animal has to be fed and watered as well as making sure that their space is tidy. Hot water is mostly used in cleaning out their stalls each day. By using hot water it makes the process easier and faster. The animals are also often washed as they are prepared for showing and hot water could be used in some instances for this task.

Fair administrative buildings and bathrooms

Just like any organization, there are always administrative buildings near by. Fair grounds usually have a small office space or multiple buildings to handle the business of the fairs.  These buildings usually have a bathroom(s) for employees.  These bathrooms need a good source of hot water for hand washing having a reliable water heater is needed.

There is also the public bathrooms to consider. Those must have a good source of hot water for the thousands of people who visit each fair every year.

Water heaters to consider

The fairgrounds have many different types of basic water needs, therefore having water heaters that are appropriate for those needs are crucial. Some water heaters to consider are those provided by Rheem and AO Smith. For example, fairgrounds may use tanklesselectricpropane or natural gas water heaters. With there being so many needs for hot water throughout the fairgrounds, fair officials have many options for making sure they have the hot water they need.