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Commercial building owners and managers have several high-efficiency water heater options from which to choose. Whether you need hot water for manufacturing or processing operations, for client health and safety, sanitation, or a simple cleaning, it’s essential that you choose the best heating system that will provide the hot water you need, and when you need it. Depending on your requirements, here are some commercial water heater styles and types that could fit your needs.

Commercial Water Heater Styles

Water heaters typically burn fuel or use heating elements to produce hot water. The two main styles of heaters are the tank storage-style and tankless (or demand) style.

Tank Storage-Styles

Tank storage-style water heaters are the most common type used in residential and commercial properties. They store hot water in an internal tank until it’s used and produce a limited, but reliable, supply of hot water. As far as energy savings go, the downside is that they can waste energy and money. When not in use, the tank cools and must be reheated before it can be used again. In most cases, additional insulation applied to the tank can help alleviate excessive heat loss during storage.

Tankless or Demand Styles

Tankless, also known as demand or instantaneous, water heaters use heating elements to heat water as needed which produces hot water on the spot. A benefit of this type of water heater is since they don’t store water in the tank, it wastes less energy and helps to save in energy costs. Tankless water heaters produce a steady flow of hot water without concern of running out when the tank goes dry.

Water Heater Fuel Types

When shopping for a new water heater, you’ll most often find that they will either produce flames or use heating elements to heat the water. Your choices commonly include gas, electric, or oil.

  • Electric use heating elements that transfer heat to the water inside the system. Electric water heaters are widely available and commonly used in homes and commercial establishments.
  • Natural Gas Heaters use a gas supply to generate flames that produce hot water. Natural gas is a relatively economical and efficient fuel supply that’s readily available from local utility companies.
  • Oil-burning water heaters also produce flames, but the fuel they use is most commonly stored on-site in a large tank. These types of water heaters can also be highly efficient, but if they run out of oil, they won’t work again until the tank is refilled. Another disadvantage is that you must bring in large amounts at one time, which could create problems with monthly budgeting.

Commercial Water Heater Styles & Types to Fit Your Needs

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