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How much water are you wasting waiting for the hot water to come out of your faucet? Are your hotel guests complaining about the time it takes for their hot water tap to warm up? If the answer is yes, you may benefit by installing a recirculating pump on your commercial water heater.

You could have hot water problems for several reasons. However, assuming you have the right-sized equipment, the simple solution might be to add a recirculating pump to your commercial hot water system.

What is a Recirculation Pump?

A recirculation pump is a device that fits the point of water distribution to provide instant hot water. It works by slowly pumping hot water through the pipes and back to the water heater, either through a dedicated line or the cold-water line. The pump can run continuously or by turning it on when it’s needed.

Pro Tip! You’ll see them referred to as circulating pumps, circulator pumps, and even recirculating pumps. But in the plumbing and water heating business, they’re called circ pumps.

How is it Beneficial?

The most obvious benefit is the convenience of getting hot water when you need it for your restaurant, hotel, apartment complex, or another commercial establishment. But, you’ll also save a boatload in water and sewer charges, not to mention time and energy by not running gallons and gallons of water down the drain while you wait for the hot water to flow.

Installing a circ pump is an easy, cost-effective way to reduce your hot water expenses and keep your business in reliable “hot water.”

If you’re in the market for a recirculation pump, order yours today from Wallingford Sales. We have an extensive online catalog of commercial plumbing and water heater supplies at the best prices. After all, why suffer through waiting on your hot water when you need it?

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