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Each industry has its own way of creating and measuring standards-plumbing, washroom and safety equipment included. Those standards are governed by organizations that work to make the standards common among countries, manufacturers and installers consistent. This improves safety for both the installer and the end user.

Organizations such as ANSI are far-reaching entities that work with standards developers of many industries. Others, such as ASME, are members of ANSI and create the actual standards for a small mix of industries.

ASME, true to its name, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, specifically works within the mechanical engineering industry. ASME’s mission is to standardize construction and installation instructions for items including boiler components, water heaters, elevators/escalators, hand tools, fasteners, fluid flow in pipes, fuel gas piping and machine tools.

So you’re probably wondering by now, “what does ASME mean for me?”

As you research plumbing, washroom and safety equipment on our website, you notice that some products say ASME and others say non-ASME. Simply put, that means that the given product either fits all of the ASME standards or it doesn’t.

Let’s stop for a moment and clarify that just because a product is non-ASME does not mean that it’s inferior. It could easily just be missing one or two very specific standards that make it meet the ASME requirements. We at Wallingford Sales Co. stand by all our products. We offer safe, user-friendly and affordable plumbing, washroom and safety equipment.

So back to explaining ASME. The ASME was created during a time in the late 1800s when deadly boiler explosions were prevalent. The ASME worked to get manufacturers and engineers on the same proverbial page regarding testing and boiler construction standards. The development of, agreement on and enforcement of standards led to a decrease in boiler accidents.

From there, ASME branched out to develop standards what eventually became a list of more than 600 standards that govern the interchangeability, compatibility, quality and testing of a variety of products from a multitude of technical areas.

Some construction projects require that the parts have the ASME seal, others do not. Examples of commercial, industrial and institutional applications include healthcare facilities or government buildings.

As always, Wallingford Sales Co. is here (at www.WallingfordSales.com) to help you with the information and products you need in the world of commercial / institutional / industrial plumbing and washroom equipment, supplies and parts.

And remember, life is all about the flow.