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Salons have a demand for hot water

A trip to the beauty salon or barber shop may be a monthly or even semi-monthly event for people, but the salon’s water heaters don’t have the luxury of working only part time. A salon provides a variety of services that require a significant amount of water each day. These uses include:

Basic water usage:

Hand washing is a part of everyday life. It is important to ensure that there is a sufficient amount of hot water in any bathroom or sink for employees and customers. With several employees and an appointment book full of clients in the salon each day the demand for hot water can become high, therefore having the correct water heater will ensure that those basic needs are met. A light-duty water heater or tankless water heater may be efficient for this amount of usage.


It is common for stylist to shampoo a client’s hair before cutting, tinting, styling and performing other hair care processes. The shampoo relies on hot water to help remove dirt, oils and dandruff from the scalp, without the source of hot water they do not get the proper wash, resulting in an unhappy client.


Having hot water is an important part of providing pedicures. The hot water allows for the skin on the feet to soften for proper grooming. It also makes the experience more relaxing and comfortable. For most, putting their feet into a tub of cold water is not soothing or relaxing. A light-duty water heater would be the ideal choice for maintaining hot water during this procedure.


Having sterile equipment for services such as hair styling and pedicures is not only required for a salon, but it is also important for the health of its clients. Maintaining the required level of cleanliness is only possible with the proper water heater providing water.

A salon is a business where water temperature control is important because it touches people and having functional and updated equipment can help keep clients happy. Consider Rheem or AO Smith when replacing the salon’s water heater.

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