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Electric water heating is the simplest and most convenient way to heat water in both residential and commercial buildings. Let’s take a look at the eight reasons why you should choose a commercial electric water heater for your business or facility.

1. Safety

Electric water heaters are safer than fuel-fired water heaters because they avoid the hazards and problems associated with using a combustion process to heat water.

2. Less Expensive Installation

The installation of an electric water heater is much simpler than a fuel-fired unit. For example, a gas heater must vent through a flue, which means installing PVC tubing up and out of the ceiling. With an electrical water heater, you only need to install a particular outlet or bare wiring. No need to saw holes into the roof!

3. Lower Purchase Cost

Electric water heating systems cost less than fuel-fired units of the same size.

4. Fewer Codes & Standards

Codes and standards impose special requirements on combustion water heating systems. For example, a Wisconsin state code requires that fuel-fired water heaters within occupied spaces be installed in a two-hour rated fire enclosure. Electric water heaters have no such requirement.

5. Design Advantages

Electric water heaters have design advantages. You can readily incorporate them into the building and mechanical system designs. Install an electric water heater almost anywhere within a building (even in confined spaces such as a small closet or crawl space) without fear of gas buildup or an explosion.

6. Longer Life Expectancy

Because electric water heaters use fewer parts and subject those parts to less direct heat, they can last years beyond the lifespan of a gas water heater.

7. Lower Standby Loss

Electric water heaters have a lower standby loss to their fuel-fired counterparts. Fuel-fired storage water heaters lose, on average, about 3.5% of their stored heat per hour through their flues and tank bottom. Electric systems lose only about 1% per hour. And where hot water usage is low, the operating cost of an electric water heater can be lower than the cost for a natural gas unit.

8. Application Versatility

  • Greater Availability: While all buildings have electric service, natural gas service is optional.
  • Point-of-Service: Electric water heaters are ideal for point-of-use water heating systems. You can easily install them at or near the location where you require hot water.
  • You can use them as supplemental units with solar water heaters, heat pump water heaters, and refrigeration heat reclaim water heaters.
  • Electric water heating is convenient as booster heaters where you require higher temperature eater for specialized functions such as dishwashing.

What other benefits can you think of for installing an electric water heater? Let us know in the comments. Also, check out some of our past blog posts.

Choose Commercial Electric Water Heater

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