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Using appliances for your business that comply with EPA efficiency requirements is a must (especially water heaters). But you probably want to save some money too. A gas-powered water heater is just what you need. Here are eleven reasons why purchasing a natural gas water heater for commercial kitchens is good for business, and your bottom line.

11 Benefits of Using Natural Gas

  1. Extremely efficient and cost-effective. Natural gas appliances can reduce a commercial kitchen’s operating costs by more than thirty percent since natural gas is cheaper to use than electricity for heating
  2. Gas-fired water heaters’ overall unit price is less than their oil-powered counterparts.
  3. Heats water faster.
  4. They conserve energy.
  5. Delivers twice the amount of hot water in half the recovery time of electric units, which means your business is less likely to run out of hot water when you need it.
  6. No electricity needed.
  7. Natural gas promotes cleaner energy practices. Since it generates less soot than other water heaters, it’s better for the environment.
  8. Natural gas operates through power outages. Allows staff to cook and use hot water even when the power goes out.
  9. Eligible for rebates to help with upfront costs.
  10. They can reach 180 degrees Fahrenheit without needing chemicals like an electric-powered water heater.
  11. Fewer parts to wear out than electric models.

Natural Gas Water Heater for Commercial Kitchens

So, to review: Installing a natural gas water heater for commercial kitchens is cheaper, conserves more energy, and can save your business from interruption.

Purchasing a new commercial water heater is a significant investment. But by choosing natural gas, you’ll recoup your initial costs over time in energy bill savings, and you’ll improve hot water supply for your business’ needs.

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