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Many restaurant owners are hesitant to change to a tankless water heater. However, they are gaining ground in the industry as the right restaurant water heating solution. Let’s find out why. 

Is a Tankless System the Right Restaurant Water Heating Solution?

Restaurants constantly need hot water. And with businesses looking to cut overhead expenses, tankless water heaters can be a great solution


Commercial tankless water heaters are generally 20-40% more efficient than their conventional counterparts. Since they can deliver hot water quicker and don’t run as long as gas or electrical systems, they help cut operating costs for restaurant owners. 


Up-front, tankless water heaters cost more than conventional water heaters. However, energy savings gained over time and always having hot water on-demand make up for initial expenses, especially in a commercial setting. 

In a restaurant, tankless devices deliver on-demand hot water through peak hours without running out of hot water when needed. 


Tankless water heaters have a longer lifespan than conventional commercial water heaters. They can handle up to 20 years of hefty commercial use. They run when needed equating to less daily damage. When tankless water heaters fail, the heat exchanger is usually going bad. However, you can change the exchangers and expand the life of the water heater even longer. 


Tankless water heaters are excellent for restaurant applications because they are compact. Being so compact frees you up to design your restaurant or commercial building the way you want without considering a large water tank. You can mount them on the closet wall, out of sight. 


These restaurant water heating solutions are less expensive to maintain or repair. An on-demand water heater has individual parts and components making it easier and less costly to repair. 


The greatest problem with conventional tank heating systems is leakage that threatens the safety of the entire building. With tankless water heaters, there’s no such threat.   

Minerals and Sediment

Minerals and sediment are no match for tankless water heaters. Because tankless water heaters don’t store any water, they are better equipped to handle them, making tankless systems less susceptible to damage that leads to ruptures or leaks in conventional counterparts. 

Water Temperature

Water temperature control can be a safety concern for many businesses. Temperature control lessens the chance of scalding or burns. But on-demand systems give you the freedom to set a steady water temperature closer to the one needed. 

For so long, conventional commercial water heaters have dominated the water heating market. But tankless just might be the right fit for your restaurant. 

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