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When do you need a 100-gallon commercial water heater? Keep reading to find out. 

Deciding whether you need a 100-gallon commercial water heater can be daunting. After all, these water heaters actually hold 100 gallons of water. If there’s a leak, all 100 gallons of water can spill out before you discover and repair it. That’s a lot of water to deal with. However, this water heater size is the best solution in some situations. 

Disadvantages of 100-Gallon Commercial Water Heaters

You can find 100-gallon commercial water heaters available in electric and gas heating elements. Either option will consume energy. 

Water heating in residential applications accounts for about 18% of a home’s total energy use. Now apply that to a large commercial property’s energy use. It’s a significant expense.

So, it’s a pretty important decision (electric or gas) when choosing which heating element you’ll need for your application. 

Advantages of 100-Gallon Commercial Water Heaters

The advantages of using 100-gallon water heating systems are the increased water capacity. These large water heaters hold huge amounts of water, much more than the average person will use during a single bath or shower. Add multiple units on a commercial property, and it’s a very rare occasion that the hot water will run out. 

Because they hold so much water, they don’t have to fill up and heat water as often. So in some ways, they may be more efficient than smaller water heaters working overtime to continuously provide hot water. 

Consider Your Water Heating Options

It’s not just the size of the water heater that matters. It’s also how it’s powered.

For a long time, the only two options for heating water were gas or electric. Today, you have multiple options. 

As new technology has emerged, tankless or on-demand, water heaters have become a popular way to heat water in homes and businesses. They take up less space and heat the water as needed instead of storing it and keeping it heated. 

However, tankless systems aren’t always the best solution for large commercial properties. Consult with a professional commercial plumber to determine the water heater size you need and the best way to power it to keep you in hot water and avoid running out. 

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