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Medical clinics have many uses for hot water heaters. (Photo courtesy of Flickr user DoNotLick)

It’s that time of year when the kids are out of school and the family is leaving for summer vacation, but medical clinics get busier as the summer progresses. While kids have more time on their hands they are more prone to being involved in accidents which leads to more visits to medical clinics. It’s also a time when many students go for their physicals and other annual doctor visits.

Having the resource of hot water readily available at a medical clinic is important for keeping patients safe from germs, but they may not need as much hot water capacity as an entire hospital. For example, because medical clinics do not have cafeterias and patient rooms they are likely to have a water heater that is designed for more traditional uses, such as a bathroom and sanitation centers, in that case the medium-duty electric heater may be appropriate

A medium-duty electric heater is often used for a small store or restaurant but it can also be used for medical clinics. The reason for this is because it provides a controlled thermostat that could be helpful in different areas within the clinic. For example, the required temperature for sanitizing medical equipment is much higher than what is needed for a bathroom sink; therefore with the controlled thermostat clinic staff are able to adjust the levels for each room accordingly.

This type of electric water heater has many features that are beneficial for a medical clinic such as an easy installation that will not require time away from the service of the patients. The qualities of the water heater’s components are made with stainless-steel and are designed to resist build-up which increases the life of the unit. This saves the clinic money by not having to replace the water heater as often.

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