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Is it time to upgrade your commercial bathroom faucets? The answer is yes if you haven’t shifted to hands-free sensor faucets

Why Upgrade Commercial Bathroom Faucets to Hands-Free?

Visitors often judge a company or facility by the condition of its restrooms. New plumbing technology, fixture aesthetics, and their ability to provide a hygienic environment can significantly boost a facility’s overall image.

Need more reasons to upgrade your commercial bathroom faucets? It’s simple—they improve hygiene, conserve water and energy, reduce operating costs, and look great! 

Improves Hygiene

Upgrading your commercial bathroom faucets has many benefits, especially when it comes to improving hygiene.

Many people believe toilet flush handles are the dirtiest touch point in the restroom. However, the sink area is where they shed bacteria from their hands during handwashing. Therefore, it is generally more germ-laden. 

Restrooms with manual faucets are a prime breeding ground for germs. 

Conserves Water and Energy 

Since these touchless faucets are preset to shut off after a certain time, they save a significant amount of water. 

Touchless faucets use as little as one-half gallon of water per minute, a conservative flow that saves water while aptly supporting handwashing hygiene. 

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that commercial buildings use 88% of the potable water in the United States—a resource that becomes scarcer every year. Toilets and faucets account for most of the water used in commercial bathrooms. Water-efficient fixtures can reduce consumption by 30% or more. 

Reduces Operating Costs

When your facility reduces water usage by 30% or more, it shows up on the bottom line. 

And, since they shut off automatically, say goodbye to accidental flooding because someone accidentally left the faucet running.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Sensor technology has improved. Today’s hands-free sensor faucets adapt to various sink sizes, shapes, and finishes to match other fixtures and fittings in facilities.

Bottom Line 

From airports to office buildings and everything in between, hands-free sensor faucets are showing up in more and more places. Not only do they improve hygiene in commercial settings, but they also conserve water and energy and reduce operating costs. Plus, they leave your customers with a positive view of your business. 

Fun Fact: Hands-free faucets have been around since the 1970s. They were called “proximity faucets” designed for convenience, less maintenance, and to improve overall hygiene. 

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