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Imagine losing access to hot water when you need it most! It’s important to ensure your major appliances are in tip shape when winter arrives and temperatures drop. We recommend performing winter commercial water heater maintenance before cold weather hits.

How Winter May Affect Your Water Heater

Cold weather can be hard on certain appliances, especially if their job is to provide heat. 

Colder temperatures can cause your water heater to work harder. For example, it could take considerably longer for a water heater set at 120 degrees while the outside temperatures are near freezing to reach the desired temperature. 

When a commercial water heater struggles to heat the water or shuts down completely, it significantly affects your ability to do business. Not only will you be without hot water, but your pipes could freeze and cause damage. 

5 Tips for Winter Commercial Water Heater Maintenance

Your commercial water heater is a critical component of any business. Its job is to deliver hot water to your entire facility or business. Such an important part of your business needs proper care and service. Right? Here’s how to prepare your water heater for winter. 

  1. Check the Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve
  2. Inspect the anode rod
  3. Clean out the tank
  4. Adjust the thermostat
  5. Insulate the tank and pipes

With these five steps, you can prepare your water heater for winter. 

If your water heater is due for winter commercial water heater maintenance, or you suspect it isn’t working efficiently, contact a professional commercial water heater technician for an inspection or install a new, energy-efficient commercial water heater. 

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