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The flush valve is one of the two major components in a toilet’s tank. What’s its job? How does it work? How do you know it has gone bad? And how do you choose the most efficient flush valve? We will cover all of these, so keep reading. 

What does the flush valve do? 

The flush valve releases water from the tank and into the bowl to flush the waste down the drain. And then refills, maintaining the vacuum of the toilet drain. 

It consists of an overflow tube, a toilet flapper, a rubber deal or gasket, and a circular base that the slapper sits on to stop water from the tank to the bowl. 

How does it work?

The handle lifts a chain when you flush a toilet, opening the flush valve. Water drains through the valve and into the bowl. After the water completely drains, the flapper closes on its own. 

Then, the floating weight or tank ball drops, waiting for the water level to increase. The trip level cuts the water supply when the weight reaches the right height. And the toilet is ready to flush again!

What are the signs the flush valve has gone bad?

Valves tend to wear out. So it’s good to know how to recognize when one needs replacing. 

  • Humming and Screaming. Pay attention to the sounds your toilet makes. A low, humming sound is the first indication that water isn’t flowing as freely as it should. If the noise turns to a scream, it may mean that metal parts are loose. The valve will likely fail if you don’t get it repaired quickly. 
  • Running Toilet. A toilet that constantly or intermittently runs shows that your flush valve is going bad. It could either be a leaking flapper or a worn valve. 

Pro Tip: To rule out the flapper, put food coloring in the toilet tank. Wait several hours. The coloring will remain in the tank if the flush valve is working properly. If it seeps into the bowl, you have a leaking valve.  

Another sign is your flush valve is going bad is when the tank is slow to fill. 

How do I choose the most efficient flush valve?

To tackle replacement or repair, you may want to familiarize yourself with the type of toilet flush valves and their features. The type of valve you’ll need depends on your toilet. Match the size and type of flush valve to the current one. Or find a different type of valve that is compatible with your toilet. 

Your business will likely make good use of toilet valves. And if they ever need replacing, now you are equipped to diagnose the problem and choose the most efficient valve flush. 

The next step is deciding if you will fix it yourself or call a professional plumber. 

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