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The average American family does eight–10 loads of laundry each week and each of those loads, from wash to dry, takes an average of one hour and 27 minutes to complete (AHAM). Imagine how much hot water that requires; now imagine the amount of hot water used at a laundromat each day. For a laundromat to be functional and reliable it is critical that it has the proper water heater installed.

Hot water for washing clothes

When washing clothes, one required component is laundry detergent. Detergent is formulated to work with hot water to remove oils, dirt and grime. For most clothes, the hotter the water the cleaner the clothes can get. Even laundry loads that are washed using warm water require that hot water be mixed with the cold water to create the medium temperature. The average water amount used per full load is about 40 gallons. A laundromat uses much more than 40 gallons of water each day which requires a good water heater to fulfill the customer needs. Both Rheem and AO Smith make commercial water heaters that can withstand the demand. We have a variety of commercial water heaters that may be recommended for a laundromat are an electric, tankless, or propane water heater. Our staff can help any laundromat owner or manager find the commercial water heater that is needed.

Large Capacity

People often use laundromats to wash their larger items such as jackets and bed comforters. Larger items require more water to get fully clean, which means more hot water is necessary. The process of washing these items can be strenuous on a household washer and dryer therefore, commercial equipment is depended on to meet those needs. The hot water source is used in abundance when customers come to the laundromat for this type of service causing the water heater to work harder. In cases like this a durable, heavy-duty water heater is suggested.

Reliable water heaters

Unlike most businesses that provide basic services, a laundromat does not have an employee on site at all times, therefore the dependability of the water heater is crucial. It is important to be sure that the laundromat water heater can work on its own without constant maintenance.

Temperature Control

The temperature of the water used in a washing machine is important and often times hard to control if the water heater is out dated. While hot water is used to effectively clean clothes, having the correct water heater for a laundromat is a factor for water temperature control. Our commercial water heaters give users more exact control over water temperature.

Need help?

As always, the staff at Wallingford Sales Companyis here to help you with the information and products you need for electric,natural gas, propane, tankless, expansion and booster water heaters.