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Cafeteria Hot Water Heater

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We stand in line, tray in-hand, waiting for lunch in the cafeteria. The chef places a variety of foods on the tray and then we proceed to grab a drink and enjoy our meal. What most people do not think of as they go through the line is that there are numerous ways hot water is needed at each step in the process. There are three major ways cafeterias rely on water heaters:

Sanitation Purposes

Cafeterias have sanitation equipment that requires a large amount of hot water for properly sanitizing trays, dishes, silverware and cooking accessories after being used. Water is used when the dishwasher is ran as well as when the sink and sprayer are used, but this water has to be at least … degrees to properly kill germs for the items to be reused requiring a water heater that can withstand the demand.

Steam Cooking

There are a variety of different foods that are prepared in a cafeteria using hot water and steam. For example, fresh vegetables are commonly cooked using steam making it a healthy option in the cafeteria. The hot water used comes from the source of a good water heater.

Hand washing

Employees are required to wash their hands frequently to avoid the spread of germs. It is important that the cafeteria is equipped with hot water to meet these basic needs. The temperature of the water used is not necessarily required to be as hot as what is used to wash dishes, but should be heated enough to kill germs.

Type of Water Heater Needed

Depending on the size of the cafeteria will determine what size water heater should be used to provide an adequate amount of hot water each day. Most commonly, places that have needs similar to cafeterias such as restaurants will require a booster commercial water heater. This type of water heater provides hot water fast and at a temperature needed to clean a large amount of dishes within a short amount of time. These are used for the maximum demand of hot water and are also commonly used in large restaurants. Check out our recent post about the water heaters recommended for restaurants here.

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