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boosterlarge-300x199It is necessary for plumbers and mechanical engineers to be aware of the different products they can install not only for residential customers, but for commercial customers as well. Many restaurants, hospitals, and other commercial establishments require large plumbing units to serve a lot of people. These types of products include many plumbing units typically used in the food service industry. For example, commercial garbage disposal units and booster water heaters.

Wallingford Sales Company can help plumbers determine what size and brand would best fit their need for these types of commercial jobs. Garbage disposals are a must have plumbing item in the food service industry. We can help plumbers find out what unit would work best for that particular restaurant depending on how many people they serve and the size of their sinks. With many different units to choose from on the market, it is important that plumbers provide their customers with the garbage disposal that will best meet their needs. Mechanical engineering can be made much easier when plumbers consult the unit provider for information while servicing a commercial customer such as a restaurant.

Booster water heaters are also used very often in restaurants and hospital cafeterias for sterilization purposes. Mechanical engineers have a lot of responsibility to choose the right booster water heater to install for these customers as they are required to clean materials that could make users ill. Hospitals require these booster water heaters in cafeterias in order to keep sick people safe from other infections. With a large number of people’s health at stake, it is important to take the proper measures when selecting the appropriate plumbing units. Wallingford Sales Company can help mechanical engineers and plumbers make those selections.

Food service plumbing products, whether they are used in restaurants or hospitals, are units necessary for sterilizing and sanitizing objects. When it comes to the size, power, and performance of the unit, Wallingford Sales Company can help plumbers make the right choice.

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