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You may have noticed that in the commercial plumbing, safety equipment and washroom equipment business, we like letters. Each brand of water heater is broken up primarily by a lettering system and eyewash stations have letters in their designations.

There’s a couple big ones that are really important like ANSI and ASME. It’s easy to get the two confused because they both deal with standards for equipment such as safety equipment, washroom equipment, etc. They are related, but each has their own function. In the next two blog entries we’ll share a bit about each including what they do, where they come from and why they matter.

First, let’s look at ANSI.

ANSI stands for the American National Standards Institute, which is the organization that administers and coordinates the voluntary standardization system for the U.S. private sector. ANSI has been around for more than 90 years-since 1918-when five engineering societies and three government agencies joined together to form the nonprofit organization.

It remains a private, nonprofit organization that is supported by its nearly 1,000 members, which include private and public sector entities worldwide…all with the mission of make sure that American interests are well-represented in the process of creating global standards.

To be clear, ANSI does not create the standards itself. It’s an agency that establishes the procedure for accredited standards-developing organizations to come to a consensus on the standards. It essentially oversees the process and makes sure that those who are creating the standards for each industry are doing so in a consistent, effective manner.

The American National Standards are tools that are both used and customized for each industry. They provide dimensions, ratings, terminology and symbols, test methods, and performance and safety requirements for personnel, products, systems and services in hundreds of industries.

There are more than 9,500 ANS that have been developed over the years because of the work done by ANSI. American National Standards (ANSs) are essential tools used in every industry.

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