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Airport Hot Water Heater

Airports have high demands for hot water

It’s that time of year again when people are carrying suitcases through the airport to catch a flight to their favorite vacation spot, but even in those fast-paced moments there is hot water needed along the way. Airports are often times like small cities, filled with restaurants, casinos, shopping and entertainment that attract many people while they wait for their flights. Airports have the opportunity to use many different kinds of water heaters including tankless water heaters, booster water heaters and a wide arrange of propane, gas or electric water heaters.

Take a look at how one of the largest airports, Atlanta International Airport, uses hot water:


With approximately 1,296 toilets in the Atlanta International Airport there is a need for an equal number of sinks for hand washing. With this many restroom locations within one building, there is a high demand for hot water in several places at one time. Having a dependable efficient water heater for business like this is crucial for the airports to operate efficiently.


Stopping to grab breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a quick snack while at the airport is nothing new. At the Atlanta International Airport, they receive about 8,000 arriving passengers per hour. That’s a ton! With this many people in one place the airport provides 77 different food and beverage outlets for guests to choose from. This type of service requires a high volume of hot water to achieve basic needs of cooking and cleaning.

It’s important for airports to be prepared for the traffic of summer vacation and replace old water heaters so that they meet the high demands of the airport.

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