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Accurately sizing a new commercial water heater for your business can help you save money and ensure a steady hot water supply for operations or guests. A commercial plumber can provide you with guidance. But here are some things to consider when choosing a water heating solution for commercial use. 

Repair or Replace

Before purchasing a new water heater for your business, facility, or building, check the age and condition of your existing water heating equipment. If your water heater is fairly new or older but has been well maintained, you can expect to get more life. 

Even a breakdown or malfunction may be worth repairing it instead of replacing it. Contact your local commercial plumbing professional to help you decide what’s best for your business and budget. 

Types of Commercial Water Heaters

Several options for commercial water heaters are available to you. The type you choose will depend on your needs and preferences. 

Tank-Style heaters warm and store water in an internal tank until needed. 

Tankless or On-Demand water heaters don’t store water. They produce hot water when needed using heating elements and a very efficient.  

Gas heaters use natural gas or propane to heat the water. 

Electric water heaters use electrical power to heat internal elements that heat the water. 

Solar water heaters heat water using solar power and dramatically reduce water heating costs. 

Heat Pumps transfer heat from one place to another instead of generating heat directly. They can be a very efficient means of heating water. 

Energy Efficiency

Heating water accounts for a large percentage of residential and commercial utility costs. But you can reduce your operating costs and ensure you have the hot water you require by investing in a high-efficiency commercial water heater. 

The unit’s energy factor (EF) determines how efficient a water heater is. Look for equipment with a high EF rating when shopping for a new commercial water heater. 

Accurately Sizing a Water Heater   

When sizing a water heater for commercial use, you need to know your daily water use. This process is called “sizing.” It gives you a clear idea of the water heater capacity you’ll require for your business. 

For example, businesses supporting a few bathrooms, employee kitchens, or break areas will need less hot water than a restaurant or a multi-story building. 

Contact a professional plumber to help you calculate your hot water needs. You can select a new water heater to meet your business requirements when you know how much you need. Accurately sizing a commercial water heater also ensures that you don’t waste energy and money producing more hot water than is needed

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