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A tankless water heater is an excellent investment for your business. These units are highly efficient, significantly reduce energy costs, durable, and long-lasting. Although uncommon, tankless water heater problems can arise if something isn’t working correctly.

Common Tankless Water Heater Problems

Here are six of the most common tankless water heater problems and maintenance concerns you need to know.

Ignition Failure

Ignition failures are a hassle and happen for several reasons. Most often, the gas supply is the cause. Check to see if your propane tank is full before doing anything else. If the gas or water valves aren’t fully open, this could be the problem’s source. If not, there are bigger problems, and you should contact a technician.

Mineral Build-Up

Tankless water heaters can also suffer from mineral buildup. Hard water (in contrast with soft water) is high in mineral content. The harder the water, the higher the potential for damage. Flushing every six months will help you avoid this common tankless water heater problem. Also, use water softeners to slow the buildup.

Flame Failure

Flame failure is typically caused by either a gas pressure problem or an electrical issue. Rule out simple causes first, such as a low propane tank or unpaid gas bill. Other possible causes include a gas line that’s too small, regulator failure, combustion issues, venting, and more. Contact a professional to help with troubleshooting this issue further.

Hot-Cold-Hot Dilemma

If you turn on the water and feel warm water at first but then get blasted for several minutes with cold water before the temperature slowly climbs back up is called a “cold water sandwich.” This hot-cold-hot event happens when water is trapped between back-to-back use, such as showers. Although tankless water heaters are called “instantaneous water heaters,” they still take time to heat water.

System Overload

Every instantaneous water heater system has a maximum capacity level. When it exceeds this limit, it may not handle the load resulting in a system overload. When it overloads, the water heater shuts down. You can recognize this common problem if your hot water runs out when you run multiple taps at once.

Air Supply or Exhaust Blockage

Most systems present an error code when your air supply or exhaust is blocked. First, inspect the vent pipes to see that they are connected properly and free from puncture holes. Us the manual to make sure the clearance requirements are met. A water heater too close to other objects can block the air supply and create a fire hazard. Be sure to examine all vents for birds’ nests, rodents, or wasps’ nest.

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